July 2021 London Open Source Meetup for RISC-V

The quarterly meetup for the London open source community, focusing on RISC-V and open source, hosted by the BCS Open Source Specialist Group and the UK Open Source Hardware User Group was held July 15, 2021. These meetings provide an opportunity to share the latest ideas around open source in the RISC-V ecosystem, combined with plenty of time for networking. The theme for this quarter’s meeting was optimizing code size for RISC-V.

The event was live streamed and featured the following speakers:

Tim Callahan, Google - CFU Playground: Model-specific Acceleration on FPGAs

Filip Szkandera - Pineapple One: an open-source discrete 32-bit RISC-V CPU

Olof Kindgren, FOSSi Foundation - Q&A with the creator of SERV

View the event materials.