Munich RISC-V Meetup (virtual)

Munich RISC-V Group

Wed, Mar 23, 3:15 PM (UTC)


About this event

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We will have a number of interesting speakers and also give a RISC-V overview! As it is a virtual conference we will make it 2h.

We plan some Q&A, you can submit questions during the presentation and we will answer them via chat or live from the speaker.


πŸ’» Opening and Overview on RISC-V

Florian Wohlrab, RISC-V Ambassador

πŸ’» An Authentication Token IC based on the OpenTitan Project

Andreas Seelos-Zankl, Fraunhofer AISEC

Abstract:OpenTitan is an open-source project that provides a design basis for a silicon root of trust. In this talk, we will discuss a set of modifications to the OpenTitan design that we are currently working on. The benefits of these modifications include simplified chip fabrication, post-quantum secure boot, key isolation and secure debug. We will also briefly outline our plans for producing an ASIC prototype to be integrated into an authentication token.

πŸ’» RISC-V goes BIG

Florian Wohlrab , Andes Technology

πŸ’¬ Q&A's


We are still looking for speakers, so if you have an speech in the area of RISC-V feel free to contact us via Message or email florian (at) andestech (dot) com.

This time we think to limit it to 4 speaker but we already look for speaker for the next time, so feel free to submit your speech (or speech idea)



  • Florian Wohlrab

    Andes Technology

    RISC-V Ambassador

  • Andreas Seelos-Zankl

    Fraunhofer Institute


  • Florian Wohlrab

    Andes Technology

    RISC-V Ambassador


  • Florian Wohlrab

    Andes Technology

    RISC-V Ambassador


  • Florian Woh

    Andes Technology

    Lead Organizer (RISC-V Ambassador)