RISC-V Video Contest - Spring 2024

RISC-V Academy

Mar 1, 8:01 AM – Apr 1, 6:59 AM


About this event

RISC-V Academia & Training Special Interest Group (SIG) is excited to announce a spring 2024 Video Challenge. The theme of these videos is to introduce RISCV to a broader community through “What is RISC-V?,” “Why RISC-V?,” and “Explain RISC-V to a non-technical person.” The videos have a maximum of three minutes to convey their message and will be judged by a team of individuals from academia and industry. The video can be in any language but must include English subtitles and be accompanied by a 500 word or less description in English.

To read full details about the video contest, go to the RISC-V website.

Submit your final video here.

Join the conversation and ask us and others questions on slack. Join the RISC-V International Slack and join the group #risc-v-video-contest

See our guide on how to create a great video!

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