RISC-V Technical Session | RISC-V Cores in Industrial Quality and Open Source

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May 2, 2:00 – 3:15 PM


In this presentation, Flo Wohlrab - CEO of OpenHW Group, will answer the question: can you design a commercial chip, shipping hundred of millions of them?

About this event

Can you design a commercial chip and ship hundreds of millions of units? The OpenHW Group is dedicated to curating and maintaining industrial-quality, open-source RISC-V IP with its members. This includes full verification and documentation under a permissive license. OpenHW Group's RISC-V IP has already been used in many different commercial applications and is ideally suited for custom extensions or modifications. However, it also works effectively off-the-shelf. Let us give you an overview of our Core lineup and explain how we enable embedded IoT, edge AI, and a variety of other applications.


  • Flo Wohlrab

    OpenHW Group



  • Rafael Sene

    RISC-V International

    Technical Program Manager

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