RISC-V Technical Study Online Event Japan 2022 06/24 Friday

Tokyo-Technical Study RISC-V Group
Fri, Jun 24, 2022, 7:00 PM (JST)

Virtual on-line RISC-V study gathering in Tokyo. It will be in Japanese Please reserve at the link to participate. https://risc-v.connpass.com/event/249751/ We will send you the zoom link later only for registered participants.

About this event

RISC-V Tech Study meeting, 6/24 Fri 19:00 (JST)

(*) Porting ZephyrRTOS on 7USD RISC-V board, Longan Nano, TOKITA Hiroshi @crs

(*) The story of publishing 'Basics of low level programming with LLVM and RISC-V', @dev_msyksphinz

(*) Status of Software on RISC-V from Open Hours slide, @AkiraTsukamoto

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