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We speak English and Chinese, welcome to join us! 

RISC-V Meetup為開放的討論群,只要你有興趣了解RISC-V及相關生態系,都歡迎加入!
RISC-V是一種開源指令集架構(Instruction Set Architecture; ISA),特別適合用於新興應用的CPU,範圍從物聯網感測器的小型CPU,到資料中心所需的加速器等等,應用多元。

This group is for anyone interested in the open RISC-V ISA and related ecosystem..

若你為以下人士,千萬別錯過RISC-V Meetup!
1. 對CPU架構有興趣
2. 從事IC設計並想更了解RISC-V
3. 具備電子基礎知識並對RISC-V充滿好奇

有關RISC-V的介紹,請見RISC-V International網站:https://riscv.org/

You should join when:
a) You are interested in CPU architecture
b) Work in IC design and want to hear more about RISC-V trend
c) know basics about electronic and want to know more about RISC-V

Check out the RISC-V Foundation site for more information on RISC-V:

Past events

In-person Event

Chengdu: RISC-V Meetups in Ten Cities (co-located with GCC and LLVM meetups)


Wei Wu

Project Director of PLCT Lab
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.