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1. Who should join:
- Software engineers who need dealing with CPU/low level hardware
- Integrated Circuits Designer who need design or use 3rd-party CPU in their microchip.

2. Why members should join:

RISC-V is a new CPU ISA (standard) born in 2014, later the RISC-V foundation was founded.

Developers would like to learn the difference between the commercial/proprietary CPU ISA standard like ARM/MIPS.

Like many developer like to learn Linux, RISC-V is like Linux in it own area.

The RISC-V group and community is still developing, we would like to exchange knowledge with each other.

3. What members can expect:

Like Monthly or Bi-Monthly offline activities in some Coffee Bar at Hi-Tech Park

Upcoming events

There are currently no upcoming events. Please check again soon.